Our main purpose with this package is to help your clients settle into the new environment, as we will provide support even before they arrive at their destination. This package is designed to cover all the basic needs of the client. From helping them with the accommodation by giving them different options, ensuring they find the needed information, to picking them up at the airport as well as opening a bank account. We are here to provide assistance and support at every step of the way.

We also offer Residency Card counseling to save the time and effort of your clients and make everything easier for them. We will ensure your clients find what they are searching for to make them feel satisfied and welcomed.

If the client needs guidance when looking for accommodation in order to find the best option, we will offer various alternatives, and we will provide the ideal solution following the needs and interests of your client. The client can count on us if, at any point, he needs assistance.

This service is extremely helpful because, with our help, your client can settle into the new environment without any difficulties and without having to worry about finding accommodation on his own. We will be there to offer guidance and support, from suggesting the best suitable accommodation, providing pictures and videos of the desired apartment, as well as organizing video calls. In that way, your client can ensure that the accommodation we recommend is the best suitable for him.

Many countries require obtaining a residency card. If your client is not familiar with the process or doesn’t know what steps to take, or simply needs assistance with documentation, we will be there to help at every step, from filling out the necessary documentation to the end of the process.

This process can be overwhelming when your client is in a different country and in an unfamiliar environment where a foreign language is spoken. Therefore, we will provide help to your clients so they can quickly assimilate to a different environment. The service that we offer provides the clients essential support, and we will make sure the process goes with ease.

This package was created specifically for students who need assistance that goes beyond the basics. In addition to our help with finding appropriate accommodation, opening a bank account, and insurance, among others, we also provide different services that will suit the client perfectly.

We will cover the first services clients need before their arrival (residency, accommodation, essential services), but we will also support your clients by providing other services after the start of their studies, such as help in emergency situations, crisis/problem resolution, hospital assistance, end of year packing, shipping and storage among others.

After starting the studies, the client can count on us for further assistance. The client will have everything covered and will have strong support throughout his studies.

Our main focus with a Premium VIP service is to make sure that your client can rely on us, getting ahead on every single detail they can think about. Your clients will have our direct and personal 24/7 assistance. Their only mission will be to tell us what their plans are and what they need. After that, we will design their perfect experience, taking care of every detail they need throughout this remarkable journey to make it unique and unforgettable. 

With this package, your clients can rely on us before, during, and after their studies. Within this package, the client receives unlimited consultations and constant assistance for any of our services. 

For accommodation, we will find the best place for your clients, taking into account their interests. In order to ensure the needs of your clients have been met, we will organize vídeos/calls to show them the options before your clients make their decision. We will also assist your clients by setting up the flat and contracting the basic services such as cable, internet installation, among others. It is up to the client to gain new experiences and knowledge during his studies. We will ensure that all his requirements are realized, freeing him from complicated academic and paperwork processes.

If the client has solved challenges pertaining to studying abroad but wants to forget about everyday tasks, his only mission will be to tell us what his plans are and what he needs; we will make his experience unique and memorable, freeing him from all worries. We will also deal with planning the client’s short trips, offering a wide range of leisure opportunities, always tailored to his interests and preferences. We will assist the student with contacting and managing electricians and plumbing problems if needed. We will also arrange haircut appointments, offer key drop-off service, driving license process, arrange summer storage, reservations in restaurants, hotels, etc.


This service is intended exclusively for parents.

With this service, we want to cover the most specific needs of parents when it comes to the organization of everyday life. We offer a variety of services that will provide the main assistance they would need in order to enjoy their stay at the destination with their child, from picking them up at the airport, renting a car, reservations on the spa/massages, suggestions/lists for shopping centers, to organizing sightseeing activities and mini excursions.

A child’s education is essential, and that is why we want parents to feel good and safe when they travel to different destinations to visit him. That is why we offer the best.